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run a successful Ad Agency.

#1 PPC System Trusted & Used by 1,530+ PPC Managers

“When I first bought God Tier Ads, I thought that it would simply speed up my workflow... what a gross underestimation that was!

It has literally transformed my approach to managing Google Ads accounts.

It covers every aspect of Google Ads management, including how to ask the right questions with new clients. How to structure an account effectively, and how to handle any issues that may arise.

If that isn't enough, there is also the Facebook group, which in itself has invaluable advice on real-world problems that other managers face.

I have seen massive improvements across all of my accounts thanks to Ed's experience and no-bullsh*t approach to teaching.

This is an absolute gem of a resource and I highly encourage you to pick this up!"

- Wesley Botha, Marketing Director

If you had a proven & repeatable system for setting-up, building, and optimising Google Ads

… how much easier would it be to squeeze consistently higher ROAS and conversions out of your accounts?

You’ve spent countless hours slaving inside clients ad accounts. Testing, tinkering. Applying the latest strategies, tips and tricks.

By now, you should be able to run accounts on autopilot. To tackle campaigns systematically, with proven SOPs to set up and optimise campaigns flawlessly.

And yet, the doubts remain: “Do I have the right keywords? The right bidding strategy? The right attribution model? How do I scale this campaign?”

Or the BIG one: “Did Google screw me over with yet another change?"

The answer isn’t spending yet more time buried deep inside accounts. (I mean, you could do that, but you have a life to live.)

It isn’t following your hunches on the odd chance you’ll outsmart Google.

And it’s not another overpriced (and disappointing) course by some guru who once made a profit back in 2018…

“I literally spent 3-4 hours making changes on some of my client accounts with actionable tips from the sheet. 100€ is probably what I saved the first day.”

- Jules Nast, Zee Media

“I thought I knew everything about Google Ads, but this has changed some of my thinking. Ed knows his sh*t and he's handsome, too!”

- Josh Yates, r/PPC Admin & Consultant

What you need is an up-to-the-minute system for managing & optimising PPC results:

A step-by-step system used by agencies that increase conversion rates, double clients’ revenue and scale even in the middle of a pandemic

So you can finally:

  •   Simplify the setup and optimisation process
  •   Set up campaigns right the first time, without missing a beat
  •   Stop the guesswork and optimise with laser precision
  •   Reduce the risk of missing massive money leaks

That's why I created the God Tier Ads Performance Framework:

A thorough & logical system that gives you clarity every time you set up, build and optimise an ad campaign

Which means you no longer have to manage campaigns based on blog tips, hunches or the high of a flat-out panic.

Each action step is organised and broken down into an insanely easy-to-execute workflow so that you finally bring order to your ad management and setup process.

With the God Tier Ads Performance Framework, you can:

  • Improve your processes so that you tick off all the tasks, whether you're setting up an account or optimising it (it's so easy you can jump cold into any account and take it over with confidence).
  • Save hours with "secret" shortcuts, strategies and advanced tips (you REALLY don’t need another 30-hour video course that gives you high-level knowledge but none of the specific actions you have to take to make a winning ad).
  • Avoid costly mistakes so that clients stop questioning your credibility and your skills.
  • Identify areas to grow with ease so that you can quickly scale ad campaigns.
  • Level-up your expertise with SOPs & cheat sheets that focus only on tasks that impact ad success so that you get rid of the noise, and work only on the things that matter.
  • Conquer Google Ads. Rise to be one of the top PPC marketers that clients pursue.
  • Run PPC campaigns with certainty and clarity so you don't make decisions based on gut feelings.
  • Standardise your advert, keyword and conversion optimisation strategies so you can quickly train new employees and easily scale.
  • Have every Google update added to your process so you never have to rely on random blogs and social media noise to find out what nefarious update Google has recently released.
  • SAVE WEEKS when training new hires so you never have to spend more time than necessary on onboarding new employees.
  • MASSIVELY REDUCE the amount of work you spend on any given task so that you have more time to grow your business (or focus on your personal growth).

“incredible resource for any person that works with adwords! The checklist is massive, all the notes you've added are great soundbites and instant advice. Add on top the other sheets, scripts and PDFs and this is just mind blowing!!!”

- Gita, VirtuePPC

“If you're looking for a 'God Level' PPC checklist to optimise with, look no further. Ed Leake is the real deal, so much value in his product (It's much more than a checklist, but also some crazy templates)”

- Romain Brabant, CEO SEOBuddy

"Why should you trust me?"

Ed Leake

Hi there, I'm Ed Leake 👋

I was co-founded in 1982 and built my first website in '96.

And this PPC framework is based on $150M+ of Google Ad spend. 1000's of hours of work. And more than a decade of Google Ads experience.

I don't drive a Lambo. But I'm the owner of Midas Media, a PPC agency where we get paid based only on results.

I also run Adboozter and AdEvolver™, two Google Ads automation software that help boost ad campaign performance.

I've worked with companies in every industry across the globe. And I've been featured on sites like the PPC Hero, Search Engine Journal & DataFeed Watch.

I live and breathe PPC. I work on it during the day. I talk about it during my spare time. And I dream about it at night.

That makes me no fun at parties.

You may have seen me in these places:

You may have seen here

“I appreciate how Ed sticks by this offering vs. disappearing as so many other 'gurus' do when pitching courses and helpful guides. I like how cleanly laid out the lists are and that he continues to bring more helpful videos/tidbits of info to share out. Definitely helps someone refresh their skills as well as beginners looking to gain a wealth of guidance at one-time low cost purchase. I recommend purchasing this if you're in the PPC game and want to succeed.”

Google AdWords Ads has changed immensely since the early 2000's.

And one thing's clear in 2021:

Google is on the warpath. And WE are the target.

They're constantly adding features that sway things in their favour and push us out of the way.

As a PPC agency owner, I say, "not on my watch!"

I've seen too many PPC managers become overwhelmed with the many updates they have to keep up with while navigating the very complex labyrinth that is Google Ads.

That's why I'm giving you access to my PPC framework. The same framework I use to run campaigns for clients who scale even in the middle of the pandemic.

This is the system that’ll give you control and structure on all your Google ad management routines and setup processes.

You'll never again have to stare at your computer when you start a campaign wondering if you've set everything up correctly.

This PPC framework is all you need to take back control, have full confidence in what you're doing and scale like a mofo.

“Working in-house without a team to problem-solve with can be hard. Ed's resources are a fantastic comfort that I can turn to weekly/monthly/whenever needed, full of actionable insight that I know has been tried and tested on accounts of all sizes. Time and time again I've found the answers to my problems are within the docs.”

- James Bertram, In-house Marketer

The God Tier Ads Performance Framework streamlines your processes so you can bring in more traffic and revenue at a lower cost

It's the standard operating Bible that you never have to second guess. A quality management system that puts you on the right track.

Every. Time.

It gives you confidence in campaign setups and clarity on the next steps. It allows you to provide more value to clients while massively reducing the time you spend setting up and managing their campaigns.

With the God Tier Ads Performance Framework, you only do work that matters. You'll spend less time tweaking a campaign to get better ROI. You'll take over new or existing ad accounts with confidence. You'll know exactly what to do today, this week or next month to make the most of your ad spend.

See what’s included in the God Tier Ads Performance Framework

A Step-by-Step Conversion Framework. Interactive Spreadsheets. Cheat Sheets. Templates. Operating Manuals & More...

1. Hyper-streamlined "checklist" for fast PPC growth

To be honest, to call it a checklist is blasphemous...

It's more like the Google Ads commandments.

It lays out exactly what to do at every stage of an ad campaign — whether you're setting up a new account, choosing an attribution model, deciding on a budget or designing optimisation strategies.

And it's all laid out in a way that you can easily follow and pass on to a new hire.

PPC Checklist

“Most valuable PPC sheet of the year. Now imagine it’s being updated regularly. Must buy.”

- Jules Nast

Included in the massive checklist:

  •   The play-by-play game plan for building a STRONG FOUNDATION for your ad campaigns - Build your campaign foundation correctly and you've got a head start on the competition. Clarify your messaging. Get the action steps for tasks like setting GTM correctly, logically structuring analytics and many more...

  •   The simple steps to analyse, diagnose and pick the RIGHT ATTRIBUTION MODEL - You’ll never have to second guess yourself when you decide which attribution model to use.

  •   The exact steps for BUDGETING, BIDDING & OPTIMISING - Set yourself up for success with a laid-out plan for account structures, audiences and micro or macro conversions.

  •   The ridiculously simple steps for SETTING UP A CAMPAIGN (with specific to-dos for dynamic search ads, discovery campaigns, and smart shopping) - You’ll never have to wonder if you've done everything you need to set up your campaign correctly. The steps are all laid out here.

  •   The exact step-by-step method for OPTIMISING ADS - Get a firm grip on ad optimisation. You'll have clarity on the steps needed to get a better ROI for every campaign. All logical steps are laid out to plan your strategy, budget and KPIs, auction and quality score, automated bidding, manual bidding, ad optimisation, audiences, ad extensions, display, targeting & data, shared libraries, automated routines, disapprovals and more (yep. this one's a biggie!)

  •   The effective routines you must follow for SHOPPING CAMPAIGNS - All the steps to systemise merchant feed & smart shopping optimisations

  •   A powerful SORTING FEATURE to make sure you never miss anything - With one mouse click, you'll quickly see what tasks you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly.

  •   Over 150 NOTES (and growing) to answer your why-do-we-do-this and how-do-we-do-that questions. So you’re always only a click away from the answer to your most pressing PPC ad issues.

2. The Automation Vault

If you can automate it, I have the script for it. The God Tier Ads Performance Framework doesn't only make your life easier. It also saves you a lot of time with FREE scripts such as:

  • Automated bidding segments
  • Automated Single Keywords
  • Ad creation and testing
  • Audience bidding
  • Close variants reporting
  • Duplicate keyword detection
  • Duplicate query check
  • Search query mining
  • Quality Score alerts
  • Keywords to negative list
  • Search partner performance
  • and more...
PPC Checklist

“I’d definitely call it intermediate to advanced. It doesn’t give you a fish —rather it teaches you how to fish. It’s surprisingly well done. I have Google Ads training from Klientboost and CXL and this still gave me a lot to work with.” - Tanner Nord

3. The Definitive Google Ads Playbook

Get sharp, fast. Eliminate confusion. And conquer complexity with the definitive Google Ads Playbook.

This is the next best thing to having a mentor. It's like having an expert by your side guiding you every step of the way.

The Google Ads playbook includes standard operating procedures and PDF guides to streamline your process. It’s the result of more than a decade of PPC experience. It contains concise yet comprehensive guides on everything PPC.

Steal my ideas and make them your own. Use the playbook to train and educate new hires in days. NOT weeks.

PPC Cheat Sheets

“A great resource, just getting into it and it's amazing. I'm hoping to grow my business post-pandemic and this is exactly what I need to help build out some standards I can use and that can be passed onto any employees I hire. Awesome work, look forward to seeing how it develops. ”

- Dave Ashley, Ashley Marketing Group

Inside, you’ll get guides & cheat sheets for:

  • PPC Ads Foundation
    • When & why you use micro conversions
  • Setting up the Attribution Model
    • Picking the right model
    • Attribution model cheat sheet
  • Planning Ad Campaigns
    • Bidding strategy foundation
    • How to approach budget and KPI
    • Account structure dogma
    • Build accounts for better results
    • Negative keyword list categories
    • Google Ads predictions
  • Building Ads That Convert
    • Keyword match type methodology
    • Bidding strategy
    • Account structure questions and answers
  • Optimising Ad Campaigns
    • Avoid under and over optimisation
    • Search term report rules
    • Keyword decision matrix
    • Migrate away from max conversions
    • Budget optimisation game plan
    • Real scenario - Budget less than tCPA

Stop worrying about Google updates. When you have the Performance Framework, I do that for you. 💎🤲

Get Free Updates + Lifetime Access

You know too well that Google changes fast. They nix features at the drop of a hat. Add new ones without letting you know.

With the God Tier Ads Performance Framework, you'll never be scrambling again to keep up with all these changes.

It's my job to keep up with these Google "covert operations". I test them all. And then report the best approach. And change the checklists and guides accordingly.

This year I've been updating these guides almost every week. So you can always be first in line to know whenever Google drops a new one.

Invest once. Stay up-to-date forever.

And because I’ve seen where campaign managers get stuck, I threw these bonuses in the mix:

BONUS 1: Private Group (valued at $588)

Get the support you need when you need it.

Have your ads stopped performing? Do you need tips on how to scale? Are you having issues with a PPC client?

You'll get answers (and support) in my private Facebook group — it’s where PPC nerds and I hang out, swapping proven strategies...

“Ed is Nuts. My clients are going nuts - All thanks to the Brain Dump. 1001 ways to skin "the PPC cat" here folks. Those who need to focus, strip & tweak their camps will appreciate these twisted techniques from the mad man. Join the party & FB Group is Golden too.”

- David Carleton, Business Intelligence Consultant

BONUS 2: The 23 Pillars of Ad Copy (valued at $23)

You’ll never have to stare at a blank screen again to figure out the hook for your ad. Create better ads with the 23 Pillars of Ad Copy. Discover the foundations of great ad copywriting. See real-world examples of ads that convert. Then get a cheat sheet and ad creation template.

“...Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks! I saw an email come through that brightened my week. 23 Pillars of Ad Copy is outstanding - powerful, yet simple. As always, I love your work!!!... It's brilliant! The ability to have made it lean shows skilled mastery! Seriously amazing stuff. And I've bought a ton of courses!!!”

- Christiane Cox, Ash Marketing & Design

BONUS 3: The Overseer's Dashboard for Google Ads (valued at $99)

Effortlessly monitor the daily, monthly and yearly trends of all your ad campaigns. Capitalise on positive changes and be prepared for potentially disastrous ones.

“We have been proving Google Ads management to clients for well over 10 years, and although we are a knowledgeable team, there is always more to learn and apply to clients accounts. There are lots of Google Ads ‘gurus’ but then there are some, who like us, actively work and apply their strategies to client accounts. This person is Ed Leake and his God Tier Ads (GTA), which has been a blessing to all of our team. It is more then a mere compendium, but provides up to date and evolving check lists, strategies, documents, scripts and a great supportive community. GTA is a serious ‘must-have’ for all Google Ads users. Cheers Ed ”

- Merdol Ibrahim,

BONUS 4: Smart Ecommerce Mini-series (valued at $49)

4 critical strategies for smart shopping including when it is (and isn't) safe to split campaigns. And when to use tROAS or avoid it.

It's time you level up from campaign survival mode to God mode:

Use the proven framework to run Google Ads that convert

Simplify the huge task of running Google Ads.

Get the God Tier Ads Performance Framework now and have full confidence every time you sit down and tweak your campaigns.

$899 $349

  • Interactive checklist
  • Over 400 notes and steps
  • SOPs, Cheat sheets & templates
  • The Automation Vault
  • Private Facebook group
  • And much more
  • Buy now $349
  • Everything in the framework
  • + Private Facebook group
  • + The 23 Pillars of Ad Copy
  • + Oveseer's Dashboard
  • + Audit Workshop preview
  • + Smart Ecommerce series
  • + YouTube Ad training (coming soon)
  • Get the upgrade $399

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“As a blueprint it hits the nail on the head. God Tier is definitely worth the money ... I think you should charge more for this btw!”

- William Julian-Vicary, Director 3WhiteHats

Note: I know this is a steal for what it is.
And I am seriously considering William's advice ☝️

The God Tier Ads Performance Framework is perfect for you if:

  • You need to get sharp fast and improve your processes like a pro
  • You're ready to show clients your value and scale their accounts
  • You're time-starved and you need tactics you can quickly deploy
  • You want a thorough, proven and all-in-one SOP that you can quickly pass on to your team
  • You want to be able to audit accounts whether they're new or old and quickly find opportunities to give more value to your clients
  • You want a system to easily organise ad accounts and optimise them for better ROI
  • You'd rather have an immediately actionable system you can put to work right away rather than going through 30 videos of a Google Ads course that hasn't been updated in years
  • You dig the idea of having access to a nerdy group of PPC experts who have the latest scoop on all Google updates and have answers to your PPC questions
  • You're tired of how Google makes everything so complex and you just want some structure and process that you can follow repeatedly
  • You want to avoid costly mistakes in your campaign setups
  • You're tired of online gurus peddling courses that promise the world but fall short of giving you actionable steps to increase ROI
  • You're ready to scale your PPC business and become one of the top PPC experts who command high fees and attract bigger and better clients

“Ed has done an awesome job. God Tier Ads I guarantee it will pay for itself 1000X. It would be maddening just how much time would have went into this. Thanks for putting it together Ed.”

- Bren Hammel, Entrepreneur


I'm committed to your success. I want to make it easy for you to give me an eager, "Yes, I want this framework."

Enter the ridiculous 11X ROI Guarantee (because 10X is so last year).

Take 30 days. Put the framework to work in your accounts. Make use of the private support group.

If after the 30 days, you don't get an 11X ROI on your time. Or you feel that the system hasn't improved your processes. Simply email me at help (at) and we can click undo, and I'll refund you every penny!

And you'll never hear from me again... 😭

Questions PPC managers like you ask before saying YES to the God Tier Ads Performance Framework

1. I'm tired of gurus touting basic information as advanced insights. How can I be sure that this isn't too basic for me?

Tell me about it.

I hate those ****ing charlatans too.

And their god-awful bro marketing!

I've been in this game for so long that I've seen a plethora of them come and go while dragging down a lot of dreams and hard-earned money.

So here's where I'll level with you.

I built this PPC framework for intermediate to advanced PPC managers who already have the foundation to run Google Ads.

It's the same framework that powers my 10-year-old agency, Midas Media. And it's based on $150M+ ad spend experience.

This is not for absolute beginners.

In fact, if you're a newbie to PPC, I'd advise you to leave and pass this for now.

But if you're at an intermediate to advanced level, know this:

With the God Tier Ads Performance Framework in your hands, you’ll run your ad campaigns with clarity and a sense of control. You can go into any account and know exactly where to start and when to stop. You’ll stay up-to-date with any Google changes with hardly any effort on your part. You’ll save so much time managing accounts that scaling this year will finally be within reach.

2. How much time is it going to take to learn this? I want in, but I'm time-starved.

The goal of this framework is to make your life easier. For you to have more time for other things rather than slogging away on ad campaign tasks.

And yet, I'd be lying to you if I said you don’t need to spend time studying the framework, figuring out how it works and integrating it into your current processes.

So I'd highly recommend you set aside the time to study it. You only have to do this once.

And when you've figured it out, a new future opens for you.

You'll get stuff done faster. And you'll spend less time consoling unhappy clients.

The automation scripts alone will reduce the amount of actual work that you do. Every time you set up an account, you already have a checklist to refer to so that you don't make any mistakes.

And when you hire someone to join your team? Train them in days. Not weeks.

I promise you a system that will free up your time. But only if you're willing to put in the time investment upfront.

3. Google is on a mission to remove the value marketers bring to the table. How can this framework help me scale in 2021 with Google's ongoing march towards agency obsolescence?

These are valid concerns. It’s easy to feel like you’re losing control when you can’t keep up with all the updates.

But with the God Tier Ads Performance Framework, you’ll always be on top of the curve. It’s like having an extension to your team who keeps up with all the updates.

Since I launched this framework in September 2020, I've updated it every month or as soon as something shows up on my radar.

I also always test before I change anything in the framework so that you only get proven action steps and tips.

4. Why is this just a framework and not a course? I learn best by watching videos. How will this help me?

Courses have their place.

But I didn’t want to build something that people buy and never use (according to Tony Robbins, 70% of the people who buy his premium courses never log in).

I wanted to build something that’s immediately actionable and will benefit your business right away.

When you get your access to the framework, you simply download everything, study how it works and you’ll be on your way to scaling your business.

You don’t need to sit through hours of material to get your clients better ad results. Just use the framework.

5. I lack confidence in running Google Ads. I sometimes feel like I can never quite go deep enough to be anything more than slightly above average for my clients. Is this framework for me?


If you already have experience running Google Ads for yourself or your clients, this is perfect for you.

This is the framework that will give you the confidence to talk to your clients.

You'll be able to audit any account and know exactly what to look for.

You'll have systems in place that will tell you exactly what to do daily, weekly or monthly.

You'll even get The Overseer's Dashboard where you can see when trends escalate or take a dip so you can prepare for any event in advance.

This framework will be your booster pack to provide better client service for your clients, show them your value, and talk about their accounts with full confidence.

By now you already know that if you want to scale in 2021, keep on top of Google changes, and have full confidence in your process...

... What got you here won’t get you there

The God Tier Ads Performance Framework is what separates PPC managers who remain in survival mode from the ones who transcend the slog, streamline and scale their campaigns…

The ones who can legitimately say, "Get on the waiting list to work with us."

If you're looking for a shortcut to PPC success, the God Tier Ads Performance Framework will take you there.

If you plan to expand your team, or even just hire and train one person this year... you need the God Tier Ads Performance Framework.

If you need to gauge your current processes against an expert's proven SOP's, the God Tier Ads Performance Framework is the absolute best option you'll find online.

If you want to prove your value to your demanding clients and show them incremental improvements in revenue and ROAS, the God Tier Ads Performance Framework will show you exactly how to do that.

If you want the expert secrets to streamlining ads and bringing in more traffic at a predictable and reasonable cost, the God Tier Ads Performance Framework has it all laid out for you.

“God Tier Ads training has easily condensed a ton of value into PDFs, massive checklist and extra resources.”

- Romaine Piper, PPC Freelancer

So if you're ready, join me and the other smart PPC managers running campaigns on God mode

I look forward to seeing your name in the private group and to becoming a witness to the most profitable year you'll have in this business.

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Take the 30 Day Campaign Challenge

Over 1200 PPC managers are already using the God Tier Ads Performance Framework to scale in 2021.

And I'm confident that with it in your hands, you'll scale your business despite Google's drive toward agency obsolescence or their constant feature changes.

With the God Tier Ads Performance Framework, you'll have everything you need to:

… make more profit

… expand your agency without any issues and

… deliver exceptional client results every time

And because of that, I don't want you to just get the God Tier Ads Performance Framework. I want you to take action. If this framework improves your life, the 200+ hours I spent building it will be worth it.

Use the framework for 30 days for your business or your client's account. And if you don't get 11X ROI, get your money back. Or better yet, tell me your issues, and I'll take you higher.

Fair deal?

“I rarely give a review but this one deserves one since it has been packed with golden nuggets you can immediately use in Google ads. It also thoroughly explains strategies behind the check list. I have been doing google since 2008 but this check has blown my mind. :)”

- Abigail Jao, PPC Contractor

Get the only step-by-step Google Ads framework that helps you plan, build, and optimise PPC campaigns the right way - every time.

  • Improve your processes
  • Save hours with secret shortcuts, strategies and advanced PPC tips
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Easily identify areas to grow
  • Level up your expertise with SOPS & cheat sheets
  • Conquer Google Ads
  • Run PPC campaigns with certainty and clarity
  • Standardise your advert, keyword and conversion optimisation strategies
  • Have every Google update automatically added into your process
  • Save weeks training new hires
  • Massively reduce the amount of work you spend on any given task
  • Interactive checklist
  • Over 400 notes and steps
  • SOPs, Cheat sheets & templates
  • The Automation Vault
  • Private Facebook group
  • And much more
  • Buy now $349
  • Everything in the framework
  • + Private Facebook group
  • + The 23 Pillars of Ad Copy
  • + Oveseer's Dashboard
  • + Audit Workshop preview
  • + Smart Ecommerce series
  • + YouTube Ad training (coming soon)
  • Get the upgrade $399

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"put it to work and instantly see success"

"Whenever we're stuck, it's a great resource to have." - Dev

“This content is a huge hit. It just distils really complex difficult things into really easy actionable bits. So good!”

— Oscar Ford, Director, Anuncia Ltd

"what I like is that it keeps me honest"

"an exhaustive list of ways you can improve an account." - Josh

“The content is a great support to my work and the knowledge behind it is fab - thank you, well worth the money!”

— Katie Howe, PPC Exec, Mediaworks

"I would strongly recommend you look in to God Tier Ads" - Khaled Alkurd

“ My PPC team LOVES it man... high-level it's just so good. We're going to be putting it to use. You deliver!”

— Dev Basu, Powered by Search

"Quite different from everything else - real step-by-step guides, SOPs and campaign audits. All the stuff you really need when its time to get to work!" - John Grattan

“I work as a freelancer offering Google Ads services but with 2 small kids ... very hard to stay focus on improving my skills. We interacted a couple of times in the private group. Being a part of that is already a huge benefit for me.”

— Dragos Mircia, Freelance Consultant

"my understanding of what to do has increased 10-fold" - Adam Watson

“Love your guide. I was able to see things from a fresh perspective, which helped me find a few blind spots.”

— Tom Bukevicius, Scube Marketing

"helped me up my game" - Dustin Sedlacek

If you're not convinced by now, I really don't know what more to say!!

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